Why we started the Folsom Blues Baseball Club

It was our second scrimmage. We were supposed to be a group that just got together and practiced a few times here and there and played a couple of scrimmages. It was going to be an informal thing, just for fun. All of the kids on the field were 11 years old. There was a kid playing SS for the other team. He wasn’t very big, but it was clear that he was very comfortable being on the field. He had a 1-0 pitch in his first at bat and swung at a pitch in on his hands and he lined out softly back to the pitcher. The dugouts were really close to the field, so I was close enough to hear his reaction to getting out.

“Stupid… swinging at that pitch.” He clapped his hands together, shook his head, and ran back to his dugout. He said it just loud enough that I heard him. He wasn’t pouting. He wasn’t crying. He wasn’t blaming anyone else for his out. He was mad at himself for his pitch selection as a hitter. Clearly, this kid had played a lot of baseball and had been around baseball people. He was way more prepared for baseball than anyone on our side of the field. We had a group of kids that all loved playing baseball, but none of them were comfortable like that.

That was when I knew… If our kids were going to continue to compete as they got older, we had to do something different than what we were doing. Our players had to be on the field more often and experience a deeper level of baseball than what we had done up until that point. That was the moment when the Folsom Blues went from a team that was getting together between Little League seasons, and became a year-round travel baseball team. That was why we started the Folsom Blues Baseball Club.

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